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    Gotham Home Inspections is committed to giving clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and other areas in New York an objective and thorough home inspection. Whether you are a property buyer or seller, you can rely on our honest and expert home inspection services every time.

    On this gallery page, our clients can have access to actual photos taken during our several home inspection visits around New York. We’ve compiled these photos in order to show detailed samples of what are the possible issues we might discover during our inspections.

    For example, we’ve taken a shot of a unsafe gas line that was obviously overlooked by the property owners. We especially pay attention to electrical boxes and connections since these can be a potential cause of house fires. Other photos you will see on this page include old and worn out wood panels, damaged flooring due to floodwaters, damaged attics, fractured retaining wall, and missing smoke detectors. All of these details are thoroughly checked by our professional home inspectors in New York. You can be sure that after the inspection, you will be more confident knowing what you know about the home you are buying. If you are a seller, then you can start the necessary repairs for the house prior to the buyer’s inspection.

    Our company has been doing property inspections in New York for many years that’s why we understand proper inspection procedures and make sure that we conduct our visits together with our client. This gives us the opportunity to explain in detail what are see as the problems or issues of the home or property in question. The buyers are not just helpless spectators during an inspection. Our experienced inspectors involve them throughout the process, telling them what may be able to be done for some of problems they encounter.

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