My Pledge to You

Here's our guarantee to you every time we make a home inspection in New York:

100% dedication and personalized service.


At Gotham Home Inspection, you can be sure that our inspectors will make a thorough inspection of your potential new home that goes above the standards set by New York State. We have a simple philosophy of putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients. This is something we always do so we can be reminded how a correct home inspection will impact the decision of the real estate buyer or seller. We treat your money, time, and effort like our own!

After each inspection, we guarantee that you will have a better understanding of the real condition of the property you want to invest in or wish to advertise in the real estate market.

For buyers, this means having the right information to help you make a sound decision whether to purchase the property or not, what needs to be taken care of after you do buy it, and of course the maintenance/renovation work involved in the purchase.

For home sellers, our inspection means knowing what needs to be repaired, what areas of the house are in top shape, and how to properly price your real estate based on the assessment we’ve made. After an inspection you can either choose to let the problems stay or have a contractor or repairman fix the issues so you can ask for a better price for your home.

Here at Gotham Home Inspection, we want to be your home consultant for life! We’ve provided our professional services and expertise to well over a thousand of satisfied home/property owners in New York and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Next time you need to have a thorough home inspection in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island, let us handle the job and we promise you won’t regret having us on board!