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Greater NYC Crawl Space Inspections

Your attic and crawl space are two of the most overlooked areas of your New York City home, but keeping up to date with timely and thorough crawl space inspections from Gotham City Home Inspections will ensure the continued health of your living space.  Crawl space inspections are a must for any home sale, and a great idea for those interested in the long term health of their Greater NYC home.  Your attic is an area fraught with danger for inexperienced inspectors, but our experienced team can save you a fortune in repairs down the road.  If you are still skeptical, check out our reviews page to see what your friends and neighbors have to say about our inspection services.

Professional Crawl Space Inspections in New York City

It is important to hire a professional inspector instead of a journeyman, or even inspecting your crawl space yourself.  The danger associated with that area of the house cannot be overstated, so it is vital you hire a specialist.  Our technicians know what to look for during your New York City crawl space inspection, including:

  • Electrical issues including wiring and components
  • Mold deposits or mildew collection
  • Plumbing issues or moisture damage
  • Proper ventilation for all areas
  • And much more!  

At the end of every crawl space inspection in New York City, our inspectors file a complete and detailed report with all of their findings concerning your home.  These are compiled and put online for your convenience.  If you have any questions, call us at 718-360-1868 today!

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Be sure to call Gotham City Home Inspections for all of your crawl space inspection needs, and testing services! We have been serving your Greater NYC community for over 11+ years, and we can not wait to show you what we can do for your New York City home.  Call 718-360-1868 or fill out our brief online form to get started with a free consultation.  At Gotham City Home Inspections, we are the last word in home inspections!

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