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At Gotham City Home Inspections, we offer premium real estate and home inspections across Greater NYC, and we have been since 2009.  When you hire one of our state certified home inspectors, you are hiring peace of mind.  You will know that no matter the age or condition of the property, you will get an accurate and fair home inspection with no hidden fees or surprise damages.

We know that buying or selling your home can be a daunting task, but at Gotham City Home Inspections we make the process painless.  We offer thorough and quick home inspection services, sometimes offering same day and weekend installations for our valued New York City clients.  When your inspection is complete, your New York City home inspector will provide you with a complete and comprehensive report of all of his or her findings, so that you will know the condition of your home.  

Professional Home Inspectors in Greater NYC

Gotham City Home Inspections knows that buying a home is one of the most difficult investments you will ever have to make, and there are many unknowns.  Luckily, your home inspection service does not have to be one of them, as we use state certified inspectors with detailed and comprehensive knowledge of all our inspection protocols.  We use cutting edge technology to detect any flaws or defects in the structure of your home, and check all major parts of your home, including:

  • All exterior surfaces
  • Structural elements and foundations
  • Basement and attic, including crawl spaces.
  • Roof area
  • Electrical systems
  • HVAC systems and interior plumbing.

At the conclusion of every Gotham City Home Inspections home inspection, the homeowner will receive a detailed report of the inspector’s complete findings.  We will ensure you receive an assessment of the home’s major systems.

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If you are still not convinced, be sure to check out our reviews page to see what other homeowners have to say about our premium inspection services.  Call 718-360-1868 today or fill out our brief online form to schedule your free consultation today! 

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