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Gotham City Home Inspections provides the best mold inspection services in New York City, and we have since we opened our doors in 2009.  Though mold can be a common household problem, it can present severe threats to your home and family if not properly treated.  Mold spores can be killed by maintaining strict moisture control in your home, but if they do invade your home they will spread quickly, so it is vital that you call the professionals at Gotham City Home Inspections for a thorough mold inspection.

A thorough and accurate mold inspection in New York City is important for maintaining the security of your home and the safety of your family.  Mold can have extreme adverse health effects that manifest in a variety of ways, including itchy eyes or skin, a dry, persistent cough, and sore throat.  These symptoms can also exhibit in animals, and even worse in those with allergies.  Call the professionals at Gotham City Home Inspections and let us take care of your New York City mold inspection today!

Professional New York City Mold Inspection

Our highly trained mold inspectors are qualified to perform all of our inspection services, and have years of experience.  They will determine how extensive your mold problem is using the latest in mold-detection technology.  Your New York City mold inspection will include:

  • Air and surface sampling of the home
  • Moisture mapping to determine if any hidden leaks exist
  • A thorough visual and technological scan for mold.

Water damage can cause mold growth, which in turn can cause many problems with your New York City home’s insulation, wiring and overall health.  Call Gotham City Home Inspections and let our New York City  mold inspection experts take the stress out of your inspection.

Gotham City Home Inspections for Mold Inspections

Call 718-360-1868 today to speak with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable staff.  They will schedule a risk free consultation with one of our experienced technicians so that you can get your mold inspection done quickly.  Fill out our brief online form or call us today!

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