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New York City Water Damage Inspections

Moisture is the silent killer in most Greater NYC homes.  Excessive moisture in your home has a number of consequences, despite the signs being fairly subtle.  Water damage often stays hidden behind walls, ceilings and floors, but the experienced inspectors at Gotham City Home Inspections have been providing quality water damage inspections in New York City since 2009. We offer thorough inspection services at reasonable prices, and we have for over 11+ years.  

Reasons for Water Damage Inspection in New York City

Damaging upholstery, electronics, wood and wood-look composites, metals and plumbing systems, and anywhere mold and mildew tend to flourish, water damage and excessive moisture are very difficult to track and assess.  Luckily, our New York City water damage inspectors have years of experience and countless hours of on the job training, so they know precisely what to look for in your home.

Water damage can enter your Greater NYC home in a variety of ways, including:

  • Broken or aging pipes
  • Leaky or sagging roof
  • Leaks in the plumbing or sewer system
  • Cracks or defects in your homes’ foundation
  • Flooding, heavy snow, or heavy rain damage

A water damage inspection from Gotham City Home Inspections ensures a comprehensive and detailed report of all hidden damages and faults in your New York City home. Our inspectors also compile a report which is made available online for your viewing convenience. 

In addition to searching for hidden leaks, our extensively trained inspection team will check your home’s foundation for any overt signs of water damage or excess moisture.  They have also been trained to check on all windows and appliances, and ensure all HVAC systems are functioning properly.  

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If you are ready to schedule your water damage inspection with Gotham City Home Inspections, be sure to call 718-360-1868 to speak with our courteous staff.  Outside of our normal business hours, you can fill out our online form and we will contact you within one day.  At Gotham City Home Inspections, we want to be your one stop shop for all of your inspection and testing services!

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